Welcome to the Bradley Baptist Association

Our Vision is to encourage, equip and empower the cooperating churches in the Bradley County area to fulfill their Great Commission vision locally and globally, by providing resources and opportunities to be on-mission with God. Our Mission is to Exalt the Savior,Encourage the Shepherds, Equip the Saints amd is Empowered by Prayer.

Washington, DC Partnership

Since October 2014, the Bradley Baptist Association has explored partnering with SEND DC Church Planters, Zack Bekele (Gilgal Ethiopian Church) and Zack Randles (Waterfront Church). At our Spring Missions Gathering held at First Baptist Cleveland this April, God confirmed His blessing on our  partnership through a vote of our partnering churches. Our DC partnership will be based on the Three “P”s of Prayer, People and Provisional support.

We are asking each BBA church to prayerfully consider the amount of  provisional support they can provide to our partnering Church Planters in 2015 and beyond. In particular, Zack Bekele is in the process of raising his support and will need to know soon how the BBA will be able to support him. We are setting a goal of $30,000 to support both Pastor Zack Bekele and Pastor Zack Randles in 2015. We already have $12,000 pledged and are seeking an additional $1,000 per partnering church to be given by the end of 2015.

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The Future of Your Association

Thank you for the positive comments concerning the renaming of the Association. Many of you went out of your way to comment about the article in the last Newsletter. Our Ad-Hoc Team is continuing to study the idea of a name change.

As we seek God’s leadership on a possible name change for our Bradley Baptist Association that is intentional and on purpose to what God is calling us to, we need your input, thoughts, ideas and prayers.

Pastor Eric Atkins of New Friendship Baptist Church has written a brief history of the association that is relevant for this discussion today.  Please take time to read this brief history by Pastor Atkins.

In His Grace,

Phil Taylor
Director of Missions

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Have you heard of the four spiritual laws? Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws that govern your relationship with God.